eBook Factory V1.2

Convert HTML files to EXE and compile ebooks, magazines, catalogs, price lists, etc..



Helps you join multiple HTML files

eBook Factory  is one such program that helps you merge HTML files and turn them into self-contained EXE files.

Lets you customize the resulting EXE ebook

eBook Factory  has 12 steps that give you full customization to your eBooks.

The ideal tool to produce ebooks, manuals, product catalogs, price lists...

Just create a single HTML page or complete website in your favorite web editor and let eBook Factory  turn the files into a Self-running desktop application!

Requirements: Windows Vista/ 7/8/10 or higher + .Net Framework 4,5 .this application require .Net Framework 4,5 .if you don't already install it,you can download it from official website: Microsoft .Net Framwork 4,5 but if you have Windows 8 or Windows 10 or higher you don't need to install the Framework  its already installed with OS.Payment is required only when you have found the software to be useful and wish to continue using it. To purchase the software, please see the Order page. After purchasing, you will receive an unlock code in final screen and via email.

Enjoy Creating Your Beautifull eBooks!